For January we will be moving locations to a quieter office building training room! (Yay!)

But that means we don’t have easy ways to order lunch and we have to coordinate ahead of time!

Let us know how you’d like to have lunch with us!

  1. You can bring your own (pick up your favorite on your way or brown bag it)
  2. Skip lunch
  3. OR the majority of you asked if we would coordinate lunch

We will order takeout ahead of time and have it there by 11:30 if you pre-order and send us payment to cover it – otherwise you will be on your own.

There are two great options really close that we will coordinate and pick-up or have delivered.

Check out their menu and see if you’d like to order – choose what you want, add the cost up (don’t forget to add in tip & tax) and fill out the form below. Then send us payment for your lunch and we will order ahead of time and have it waiting.

Republica Empanada Menu

Jimmy John’s Menu

If you end up not being able to come be sure you let Megan know at least 24 hours ahead of time and we can refund any lunch cost you may have pre-paid. If we don’t hear from you 24 before and we’ve already put in the orders and paid the restaurants and you don’t show, your lunch fee is forfeit.

If you don’t submit a form or pay a fee ahead of time – we can order Jimmy Johns prior to the meeting start (you need to show up before 11:15 – Order cut off will be 11:25) and have it delivered but we can’t guarantee when it will arrive during the meeting.

Any questions – just ask!

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